How it works

We do things a little different around here

We believe that you should custom design your meals from our menu and let us do the rest.

Choose your meals

Choose a plant based protein, carbohydrate and vegetables or double up on vegetables instead of carbs for a low carb meal.

Let us know if there is anything you don’t want in your food and hit the Complete Meal button to finish.

You can choose between a single meal or make it family meal for 3 or more people. The food in family meals is grouped together as one big meal you heat up and serve into individual bowls.

We are now offering pre-made meals for your convenience, read more about them on our menu page.

Delivered to your door

We have a 6 meal minimum and we deliver twice a week to accommodate all 7 days!

Our delivery days are Sunday and Wednesday nights.

You can order all week until 12 midnight Friday, for a Sunday night delivery and all week until 12 midnight Monday, for a Wednesday night delivery.

Please note: we are a Los Angeles, CA based company and only deliver to LA area.

We are now delivering to a much broader area! Please email us at us with any questions or issues.

Heating up the food

We recommend the sous-vide method of reheating our food, when having it vacuum sealed it is the best way to heat the food without altering the flavors. Sous-vide is simply submerging the sealed bag in a pot of hot water for 5-30 min depending on required temperature.

Our bagasse eco-friendly containers can be heated or stored in the fridge.

Staying fresh longer

You can choose between our biodegradable vacuum sealed bags and compostable container trays with lids made from sugarcane bagasse for your meals. The salad bowls with lids are made from 100% compostable all-natural plant sugars.

The eco friendly packaging is excellent for keeping your food fresh longer and make it easy to heat it up.