Salad bar

Welcome to our DIY salad bar!

The process is simple


Pick your base


Pick a protein


Pick vegetables


Add nuts/croutons


Add Premiums


Add dressing

All our products are fresh and organic, delivered and cooked daily for maximum quality. Our salads are packaged in a 32 ounce compostable and recyclable bowl with lid. They are designed to cater for any dietary requirements such as: keto, paleo & low carb.

Please note: Our eggs are sourced from completely organic and ethical egg farmers where the hens roam daily and are only barned at night for safety. We have physically seen this and sourced these ourselves to ensure the animals are free of cruelty. They are not always available as they do not lay on demand, therefore we will make a note when this occurs, thank you.

Make your own salad


Salad bar

$12.50 available on subscription

One time purchase or make a subscription?

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