35 lb and 13% body fat weight loss over 8 months

“Working with Donna has been an absolute dream! She has made training and being active a daily ritual of mine. Not only has she helped me lose weight but during the process she has educated me on nutrition. Her methods taught me how to live a healthy lifestyle and maintain a nice physique. Donna has truly changed my life for the better and anyone who works with her is lucky :)” 


Fantastic work Shirin!!

45 lb and 25% body fat weight loss over 12 months

“I began working with Donna after the personal trainer I had been working with previously left the gym.  Donna came highly recommended, but I always get nervous abut working with new trainers because I am really picky about who I work with.  But Donna came through for me in so many ways.  When we started I really wanted to just lift heavy, but she saw the imbalances in my body and encouraged me to work on functional movement first. Then we could lift heavy.  I came to trust Donna to always do what is right for me and my body.  We ended up training for a bikini fitness competition where I lost over 25 pounds and made a huge transformation.  She knew how to push me to be the best I could be, and I was so proud of myself.  After the competition, she guided me through my pregnancy with my first child, and made sure that my body was physically ready to give birth.  Donna always listens to me, and she and I have developed a strong bond.  I know that I can trust her to give me just the right push and just the right exercise.  I’ve also used and love her meal plans and her meal prep company.  Donna is the total package and I’m so glad that she is my trainer.


Excellent work Jenny!!

25 lb muscle gain 10% body fat loss over 8 months

“I started training with Donna in 2015. I was looking for a seasoned pro who would help me get the results I wanted. I was ready to work hard for the body I wanted and I was looking for a trainer who took me seriously. Donna not only brings skill and passion, but she brings commitment to ME. Getting healthy, getting fit, it’s a ton of work – both physically and psychologically. Donna helped me remain focused and resilient! She believes in me even when I don’t – when I’m tired, depressed or feeling like it’s just not worth it.  Her workouts and nutrition plan was tailored specifically to my body and my goals, and she was tireless in making sure she was doing all that she could to get me there. At the end of the day, your trainer brings you to the door, but you must walk through it. I am so grateful for Donna’s passion and energy, and her personality is 1 in a million.”


Amazing work Andrew!!

45lb and 20% body fat weight loss over 6 months

“As my trainer, Donna Faccioni achieved results for me that I would never have thought possible — I lost 45 pounds and put on lean muscle.  The weight loss was a combination of an eating plan which she, with a nutritionist background, set up and working with her on programs tailored to my progress.  She was encouraging, upbeat, and every inch the professional as she got my body into the best shape it’s ever been.  I can’t recommend her more.”


Great work Phyllis!!